Apie mus

INNOVATIONS - business environment is facing continuous changes. Complexity of corporate activities is increasing. Therefore, we have to keep looking for new solutions and improved operation methods to ensure the maximum risk management efficiency to our customers. We analyse experience and learn from our own and our competitors’ mistakes. We are interested in new products. We want to make sure we are the first to offer the best on the market to our customers.

VALUE - the essence of our services is ensuring the maximum possible protection of property interests against unforeseen events. We aim at making our customers’ business successful and would like to prevent even minor damages from becoming an obstacle to a steady business growth. We have never compromised on quality and we will never do that in the future. We maintain continuous communication with our clients, analyse their needs and try to provide them with optimal and timely solutions.

PROFESSIONALS - our staff specialises in different products and activities. In this way we pursue professionalism in all fields we work. We give a particular attention and resources to training and development. We believe that only our professional work can be an essential factor in providing our customers with the top level services.

About us

UADBB IVP Partners was established on 9 March 2010. Our team consists of 11 insurance brokers having more than 10 years’ experience in insurance.

UADBB IVP Partners cooperates with all insurance companies registered in Lithuania and with several international partners. Our key objective is saving of the customers’ integrated risk costs insurance assistance. The result of our work is generation of value, when integrated risk cost including insurance cost is less than that without insurance. Therefore our company’s business concept is based on the following main elements:

  • Integrated risk management and insurance strategy
  • Long-term planning
  • Practical and efficient process
  • The objectives raised and obvious benefits