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In order to ensure effective management of our clients’ risks we constantly look for bespoke solutions and superior methods of operation. We analyze the best practice and learn from our own and our competitors’ mistakes. We follow cutting edge products and global trends. We implement innovative solutions ourselves.


We ensure a well-balanced protection of property interests against unforeseen events. Our objective is the success of our customers’ businesses and their stable growth through changing circumstances. We do not compromise on quality. We keep in touch with our customers, analyze their needs, and deliver timely solutions.


We specialize according to products and our clients’ business areas. We work in teams in order to ensure highest quality and competence. We pay particular attention and allocate resources to learning and development. We believe that professional services are an essential criterion for our customers.

Times when the winner is not the biggest, but the fastest, inspire us. We are a strong team who do not obey the accepted norms and are not afraid to challenge the long-established rules. We combine a professional team with advanced solutions in pursuit of mutual success.

Our objective is the security of our customers’ businesses in an unsecure environment. We promote a prudent assessment of business costs and we are here to help you make the right choices. An integrated approach and analytical expertise allow us to offer tailor-made and well-balanced risk management solutions. We aim to simplify complex issues into easily understandable models.

As we move forward, we still maintain what made us strong. Our operating model is based on the following key elements:

  • An integrated risk management and insurance strategy
  • Long term planning
  • A Practical and effective process
  • Defined objectives and clearly visible benefits

We analyze the situation at hand thoroughly and attentively, create maps of potential risks and evaluate the current risk management strategy.


We evaluate risks and create a management program, provide cost-optimization alternatives, take into account changes and represent the customer‘s interests.

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We adapt insurance contracts to customer needs and specifications, we simplify complex issues to elementary models, manage contract portfolios and arrange timely contract extensions or terminations.


We designate a professional team to manage customer events, respond promptly to the circumstances, advise on an action plan and mediate in negotiations with insurers.

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Why choose us

"Our employees specialize according to products and business areas. That is how we aim to be professional in every single area that we work in. We pay particular attention and allocate resources to development and learning. We believe that professional work is an essential criterion in order to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality services."
Director of Finances, IVP Partners
"The strength of an experienced team and an immeasurable amount of professional skills – these are the fundamental drivers of IVP. Every day, we are not only assessing professional and work-related issues but also, we seek inspiration, share our joys, create a cozy atmosphere at the workplace, and engage in all the activities thoroughly and sincerely."
Director, IVP Partners
"We have been together with the IVP team for about 20 years. I strongly believe in these people, I am proud of our long journey, and trust in their strong expertise, loyalty, as well as the quality of their work. We are not afraid to make mistakes because, as Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea, said, only while sleeping one makes no mistakes. We have had a lot of lessons; therefore, our experience is the most valuable. Appreciation from our clients, acknowledgement of our professionalism, and long-lasting trust give us the energy which inspires us in our everyday work."
Executive Partner, IVP Partners